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Hey Everyone!


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Hi everyone, my name is Hayden. I have been playing games since elementary school. I am 21 years old and am in college right now and feel like gaming is hindering my progression in life. It isn’t necessarily ruining my grades, but it is ruining the social aspects of my life. I don’t want to quit gaming altogether because it is a passion of mine and a hobby. What I want to do is limit the time I spend playing.

I want to limit my gaming to make more friends and spend good quality time with those friends. I want to acquire different, more productive hobbies that get me out of my apartment. I do have hobbies outside of gaming,  but often times when I have free time, I would rather play games because it is much more accessible than other hobbies of mine which take more time and energy to do, such as driving up to the mountain to go skiing. I want to become more active, either start going to the gym, running, riding my bike, but I am so lazy. I want to go out and socialize with friends more, but why go out and socialize if I could have a fun time playing a good singleplayer game. Singleplayer games are the worst because I lose so much of my valuable time invested in this fictitious world. But when I am in the moment playing the game, it is so fun.

All in all, I want to severely limit the time I spend playing singleplayer games and instead use gaming as a social outlet. Use it is a hobby I can do with my friends and not just by myself. I need to find something to substitute the satisfaction I get from games.

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Hey Hayden,
good luck with all plans my friend. 
21 is preaty great time in life! That was the time in my life when I cut gaming a lot and spend in other activities btw. just then I've meet my girlfriend - curently my wife and mather of my wounderfull daughter. First advice - if you going any type of sport... do this smart and WARM UP (that part screwed my for rest of my life so I know what im saying: ))
What I would strongly suggest - try some board games - greaet replacement + extreme social. Planty of games to choose. 
I hope that small piece of advice will help you back on good truck.
Once again good luck!

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