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  1. Rohan, Good luck my friend. PS. "I used to be that intelligent before games ruined me" - saying such things show you still intelligent person - maybe a bit too critic but selfaware and smart! As James said one day at a time Take care!
  2. Hey Hayden, good luck with all plans my friend. 21 is preaty great time in life! That was the time in my life when I cut gaming a lot and spend in other activities btw. just then I've meet my girlfriend - curently my wife and mather of my wounderfull daughter. First advice - if you going any type of sport... do this smart and WARM UP (that part screwed my for rest of my life so I know what im saying: )) What I would strongly suggest - try some board games - greaet replacement + extreme social. Planty of games to choose. I hope that small piece of advice will help you back on good truck. Once again good luck!
  3. Hey Ryan, Looks like we have same goals and same problems to solve hehe! I wish you all best and good luck!
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