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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Long story short.


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Hello! My name its Miltos and I'm at my late 20s and I'm from Greece so excuse me if my English it's not perfect.

I started playing video game when I was a little kid with my big brother. But for me gaming was not an issue I was playing only when I didn't have something to do on my free time. I always had a bunch of good friend and I always priorities them so when I had opportunity to go out I would do that.

School days were nice without bulling or anything like that I was kinda popular or at least hanging out with the popular kids. I was lucky enough to had some wonderful women also in my life. So gaming for me didn't really effect my social life but I think effected my education because I was procratinated a lot and I was dyslexic and acualy technology in general helped me with this problem but didn't let me any time to be good at school.

 I had a lot ups and downs with gaming, it was not always 12 gaming every day it's was more like some years was more some less and some maybe nothing because of work and gf. But when I was feeling down or depressed  turned in to gaming to avoid the problem or guilt I was feeling for not been who I want and could have if I tried a bit harder. But never thought I was addicted because of my good social status but it was kind having a double life if that makes sense.

Latly like the last year of my life I moved to sweden with my ex girlfriend now that we were together for 5 years and boy I love this woman A LOT, I thought we would be together for life but after some time living here the first months it was hard for me, struggling with new environment new language no friend and finding a job so like I was always doing turned into gaming, that didnt help as you could imagine so she decided to brake up with me. I was destroyed and kinda still am, tried everything to make it work but nothing could change her mind. For me that was the wake up call to quit gaming and try to be someone im proud of. I have stop for like some time now and the hardest thing it's to fill the hours productively and not just whatch hours of videos on YouTube about psychology and astrophysics that I'm interested on because they don't really help me right now. So that's a short version of my story. Sorry for making it so long but I wanted to get the full picture! Thanks and keep it strong everyone! 

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