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NEW VIDEO: Gaming Addict Answers Most Googled Questions

Free coaching services (no tricks!!!)


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Hey guys and gals. I'm offering free gaming addiction coaching. Truly free, not gonna offer you any paid services through the coaching session if you're interested.

I asked Cam he allowed me to post this here. If you're interested write in comments or pm me and we can arrange a time. Have a good night/day 

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Hi there! Has anyone taken up the offer? As a pretty active member here(when I'm detoxing), I relapsed for the milionth time last week so I thought it wouldn't hurt to just ping this thread ha!

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HEY YOU GUUUYYS! (including whaamen). Free coaching is still on offer! Get it while it's hot! ? Here's a new video regarding it and how we're actually NOT going to quit gaming. But rather do something RADICALLY DIFFERENT.... what is it you ask young padawan? Well to learn the SECRET ( ? ) you're going to have to watch this video:


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