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Nine Days In


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 I am officially nine days in. This is the longest I’ve gone in a short while without video games,  and I have felt incredibly hopeful and optimistic about the future.  Sure, there are moments where I have had cravings and thought about going back.  But ultimately, I am glad I have gotten this far. I found that most of my cravings were on the weekend when I didn’t have to work,  therefore I’ll be sure to structure my next weekend with a lot of fun and engaging activities.

 With all that, I realized today that I have never mourned mine and my ex-girlfriend’s  relationship. To give context, my ex-girlfriend was the woman of my dreams... at least at first. Yet over time she became controlling and manipulative. Though I don’t regret the break up, I cannot help but miss some of the great times we had.  And although today’s realization was painful, I think that it was an important one and one of that I may not have realized if I did not quit playing video games.

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