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  1. Hey all, Just thought I’d check in for an update. I am officially 21 days free of gaming, and absolutely thrilled! I am finding that I have time to deal with my emotions rather than run from them. As a result, I built the courage to get out of a relationship I knew was bad for me. Although the fallout is still rough, I know it was the right decision for me. As a school teacher, I find myself fantasizing about what I am going to do over the Summer. Admittedly, gaming has been one of those fantasies. However, I counteract this by reminding myself of who I want to be. Here’s to striving for another 21 days and more!
  2. I am officially nine days in. This is the longest I’ve gone in a short while without video games, and I have felt incredibly hopeful and optimistic about the future. Sure, there are moments where I have had cravings and thought about going back. But ultimately, I am glad I have gotten this far. I found that most of my cravings were on the weekend when I didn’t have to work, therefore I’ll be sure to structure my next weekend with a lot of fun and engaging activities. With all that, I realized today that I have never mourned mine and my ex-girlfriend’s relationship. To give context, my ex-girlfriend was the woman of my dreams... at least at first. Yet over time she became controlling and manipulative. Though I don’t regret the break up, I cannot help but miss some of the great times we had. And although today’s realization was painful, I think that it was an important one and one of that I may not have realized if I did not quit playing video games.
  3. Thanks Cam, i want to write that I really admire everything that you have done for the game quitting community. I have found your videos inspiring and insightful. Although quitting video games is a difficult and sometimes heart-wrenching process, I find solace know that others like you have done it successfully.
  4. Hey all, My name is Jonny, and I have been gaming since as far back as I can remember. I started at a really young age - probably around 3 or 4 - through playing with my sister and/or dad. We had a lot of fun playing together, and I absolutely felt that it was a way to help us bond. From there, my parents got me a TV for my room, and everything changed for the worse. I would lock myself in my room for hours playing video games, shutting myself away from everything else. This pattern continued on-and-off through middle and high school. However, it didn't become apparent that I had a problem with gaming until I got into college. I was able to skate through high school and get pretty good grades with minimal effort, and I thought that my gaming intake was normal for a guy my age. However, when I got into college, I found that I had to truly apply myself to be successful. Eventually, I concluded that I could be successful in college and quit gaming, or quit college, play video games and feel mediocre about myself. Fortunately, I was able to quit gaming for a few years. I went through the game quitters cycle once, and found that it helped me ENORMOUSLY! It gave me the conventions I needed to restructure my life in a healthy way. Unfortunately, I ended up returning to gaming when I broke my wrist and had to have surgery. Although I knew it was dangerous for me to venture into gaming again, I felt that it was the only thing to numb myself from the incessant post-surgery pain and profound boredom. Fast forward a year, and I have "quit" and relapsed at least ten times. I have since moved into an apartment by myself and work at a pretty demanding job, which I have found both to be stressful. With that, I am having difficulty restructuring my life after having moved out on my own. Therefore, I ashamedly resort to gaming or smoking weed to cope with my emotions. I feel so ashamed, defeated, helpless, and guilty. I can remember how happy I was when I quit, and I want so desperately to quit for good. Thanks for reading, everyone.
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