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2019 All Wins


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Day #1


Gratitude journal

Today i am blessed to be alive and be 24 with so much living left to be done. boredom and stress tend to be my triggers towards escaping and over indulging..lol.

I am grateful for my wonderful family and the love thats there.

I am grateful to have everything thats available to me and to have all the peace that i have.

I am grateful for water and a simple breath that takes in life each moment..

One amazing thing that happened/I did today

I decided to be the hero and own up to my relapse. I reconnected with a-lot of people. Getting myself out of the room.  I got up and made a decision to end my gaming addiction.







Daily affirmation


Reading + taking notes


Getting to bed before 9pm


Weekly Goal(s)

Do my SAVERS. 

Monthly Goal

make 10k, journal and look into planner everyday,heal body chiropractor, put a consistent plan together.

3 Month Goal

make 30k, Yoga 90 days(Ultimate Yogi), 90 day detox,90 Days SAVERS, planner and journal. Develop passion/hobbies.

What went well today:


What I could have done to make my day better:


What I will do differently tomorrow:


i feel like am continuously looking for distraction..

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