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Today I decided to quit gaming (again). I'm feeling a little bored already , but I knew that was going to happen. I've found some things I want to fill up my time with. Those things being learning how to code, starting exercising in the mornings and making my diet much healthier, generally getting much more disciplined than I already am. I would also like to get a job in a year or so, but I have so little experience coding I don't know whether I'll succeed or not, it's probably not the time to think about it too much though. Quite frankly, I've been a mess for the last couple of months, but I'll try my best to improve and pull through the withdrawal symptoms and stuff. Don't know how often I'll post here, I haven't decided yet, but I've found that writing really helps me clarify my thoughts and generally helps me with being more prepared for whatever I'm aspiring to do. 

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