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90 Day detox - Day 3


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Day 3 - 12/12/18
  • woke up on time today and felt energized but 3 hrs later was feeling tired and severely bored
    • spent a good bit of time on youtube this morning as a result
    • tried to watch twitch this afternoon, but quickly lost interest
  • got some laundry done and washed the dishes, so i felt good about that
  • my wife and i found out that we're going to have a baby girl, so we're excited about that
  • tried to wipe my ps4 today in preparation for the trade tomorrow, but my brother's user account cannot be initialized and i do not want to tell him i am giving the ps4 away since it used to be his and he gave it to me as a wedding gift last year.
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Just thought to chime in and share, most of us reply to our original thread so as not to create multiple journal threads per person and so that it's easy to read the days one after the other. Keep up the efforts!

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