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What about fitness games?


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I have never used them, but I read about some console games that teach you fitness, e.g. Zumba or some dances. This seems cheaper than gym, since you pay once for a game and not every month as it is the case with fitness classes. I wonder if it would be ok to play these? after all, the player is not sitting on the computer, but has to move, and what you can learn in such a game can also be useful in real life. What do you think?

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Personally, I've found these 'games' to be perfectly fine. They don't really feel like games much to me but more like a workout video. Which is pretty much what they are except they track your movements and score it.

But there is one large caveat in my opinion. The same system you use to do these fitness games also are just a couple screens away from a standard video game. So depending on your situation it may be best to stay away.

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