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NEW VIDEO: I Replaced Gaming With Real Life (Nicco Transformation)

Let's quit again, like we did last summer.


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We'll try this thing again.

Weightlifting goals now monitored, thought I'd never get to that but I now have a whole bunch of spare a4 graph paper to document progress.

Diet less of an issue. I now weigh 130kg, which scares me immensely (5'9, for BMI reference). I have relapsed, and tried WoW again, but ultimately I've quit it for good,as it was near impossible to get a social routine going anyway (the main reason I played those games). Gradually working myself up to just being okay with play a game for a while, and then trying to do something else either instead, or at least playing video games in a productive manner (i.e. having fun with my friend playing them).


I think I will also use this as a self-accountability journal for breaching my genuinely difficult topics (socialising, effort into my hobbies, pushing hard goals on diet and exercise).

On that note: I ate chocolate today, and played games past the point they were fun.

Both of these, I will try to avoid.


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