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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


Blazing Man

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I relapsed on day 53 because I was still sceptical about the idea of quitting video games.In fact, nothing else could've happen.I fucked up my long badass streak for a freaking 20 min gaming session that wasn't that fun and that gave me a fucking headache (similar to those I had when I was a porn addict) thanks to the dopamine release.That's it, I'm done with gaming, I really do.I've learned my lesson, no more scpeticism, fuck that, now I KNOW that video games suck.I feel angry, but at least I know that I'll never look back EVER again and that's the best thing.Time to begin the next chapter of my life and move the fuck on ! 

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11 hours ago, JustTom said:

I would personally not reset the counter if it was just a 20-minute impulse. Especially if you realized what you're doing and stopped after that. Not saying that it's okay to play for 20 minutes at a time, but if it's just a 1-time exception, I think it's fine to just keep going. I would not call this a relapse.

I think you’re right but I just wanna make sure I don’t bullshit myself.Thanks for your comment tho ! 

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