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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

So I fell.

Some Yahoo

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When my best friend died last Memorial Day I fell into a foggy depression.  I must admit that I reinstalled SWTOR and ran a couple of characters for a few weeks.

I was online and watching general chat (I do not recommend this as you lose 1 IQ point for each minute you watch it).   But I had to giggle when I saw an exchange that went something like this:

  • So I was thinking of quitting gaming.
  • Why?
  • Well I might be getting a little too old to be doing this.
  • How old are you?  Like 26?

Guys, I am 57 years old.  That made me laugh.  Since the service for my friend I am doing a lot better, but that exchange gave me a chuckle I will not soon forget.


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