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So years ago a little old lady who was not related to us put in her will to give my wife her Schwinn exercise bike.  It is kinda big and our house is small, and we had people in all the bedrooms, so it languished in the garage.

Yesterday morning at 6:30 am I went for a walk, but because it was a hot day, I was drenched in sweat before I got home - and it was not a long walk, only like 0.6 of a mile.  So, because my daughter has moved out, I got the Schwinn out of the garage and set it up in the spare room.  The idea is that on these 100F+ days, we can still get some exercise in the comfort of the air conditioning.  Besides I have a little dog and I don't want to fry his tiny paws on the pavement.

I had to spend time figuring out the blasted thing - it's not very intuitive.  But once I got it going, I was able to do 3 really small sessions on it: 8 minutes, 15 minutes and 15 minutes.  I have always been a fan of more quick sessions than one agonizingly long session.

Anyhow.  I usually like to go for a walk when I get stalled at work (I work from home), but I think this is going to make it even easier to get in the sessions I need to lose this lard ball that has collected on top of my hips.

And why am I posting this here?  Because one of my former main triggers to start gaming was when I got frustrated or stalled on projects.  Now I am replacing that with something proactive and positive.  Also I can catch up on my podcasts.


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