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How to Get Started Programming Episode 0

Some Yahoo

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Go here.  Get the free community version of visual studio.  It's free forever, not just a trial, and it has most of the features of the full version.

You probably also want to go here.  That's the database software.

Before I teach you anything about programming, I need to set your mind straight about a few things.

  1. Error messages are good.  They are there to teach you how to fix your errors.  There is very little you can do with Visual Studio that will destroy your computer or get you arrested for anything.
  2. Any gamer knows that no software over 100 lines of code is bug and error free.  You can build a better mousetrap all you want, but that just improves the mice.  Embrace the imperfection and move on.  Note: even Visual Studio crashes now and then.
  3. Computers are dumb and logical and doing a task 1 million times will always choose the same solution.  
  4. Programmers don't really need to know and understand the intricacies of how computers do things.  It's like most drivers couldn't fix a broken timing belt in their own cars if they had to (extra points if you know that cars have timing belts).

So, to a computer, everything is data.  The machine is data, the hard drive is data, the mouse is data, the keyboard is data.  YOU are data.  It all boils down to numbers and letters to a computer.  Also, typically a computer program doesn't store or process any data it doesn't directly need.  You may be 18 years old, 5'10" tall with brown hair and green eyes, but if the program doesn't need to know that, it usually doesn't have it.

I will leave you to play with your new software until next time, when there will be windows and buttons!

(Note that I do this in my spare time, don't expect a book in six weeks.)

Like this if you like it.  If there is low interest maybe I will do this on Skillshare.

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Programming is a WIDE topic. Should have clarified which topic (or topics?) you are covering. Since we download Visual Studio here I guess its going to be some C++, C#, some .NET, VB, JS, NodeJS? :D

If its not going to be C++ (which I wouldn't recommend for a 'starter' language) then Visual Studio Code is enough for most of us. Has enough plugins to handle syntax for most common languages, isnt 'bloated' and has built-in debugger. Nothing against Visual Studio, but it can take up quite a lot of space on your Hard drive.

Would be nice to know what we are going to learn here.

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