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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Getting Rid of my Addiction and Rage


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Today I finally had a wake-up call. I was casually playing Fornite and not doing homework, like any other day, when I had an extreme rage moment. There were 5 people left and someone got a lucky shot on me and killed me, and I was so mad that I completely destroyed my headset. This made me realize how toxic I get from gaming. At this point in my life, I don't enjoy playing them but I can't seem to get by without them. I have broken 2 monitors, a tv, a keyboard, a wall, a door, a mouse, and how a headset all from getting hot-headed while gaming. It's finally time to stop.

I have tried to quit in the past by going cold turkey (completely getting rid of video games) but my attempts have failed. My new plan helps me lose my addiction and rage, while still letting me play. I already uninstalled every game on my PC besides GTA. Grand Theft Auto V is the only game that doesn't make me rage and is a game that doesn't have any hardcore progression (I won't need to come back every day for loot or whatever). It's simply a relaxing game that I can just go on and mess around for an hour or so when I get strong urges. I will cap my limit to 2 hours a day, and in two weeks I'm hoping to drop it to 1 hour a day.

Today is day 0, and I'll try my best to update every couple days on how I am managing. I'm planning on replacing video games with tv, reading, studying, and exercise. Wish me luck!

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WTG Dweems.  I would suggest that you also stop GTA during your detox, just so you have adequate time to work on other areas of your life.  I'd hate to see you just switch 40 hours a week with 10 games for 40 hours a week of GTA.

Let us know how it's going.


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