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Hi, my name is Sebastien, I'm 37 years old from Canada.


Today I finally deleted the last 2 games I've been playing and all my steam accounts. I've mostly only been playing clicker idle games for the past few years, anything else and I would disappear from the map. I'm sure like many others, I feel my addiction is really strong. I can get addicted playing anything, even games I don't like. Candy Crush, Idle games. I got addicted playing Asphalt 8, even though I never enjoyed racing games (I spent 2 months full time on this one last year, after losing my job.)

My strongest addiction was playing a MMO called Nostale. I played 3 years full time (from 2010 to 2013). I had made bots to play for me 24h a day and was looking over them all the time. I was sleeping next to my computers on the floor in the living room in case a bug would happen. I was living like a hermit.

I owe it to 2 friends (in real life)  who supported me during that time and helped me get out of that phase. 

My hobby for the last 5 years has actually been to make video games (I don't have anything published yet). I don't know if it's a good idea or not. I try to do other activities not in front of the computer though. I don't feel this hobby triggers my desire to play games, the experience is really different (it feels much more like hard work than playing!). And I really enjoy it.

Anyway my desire to play games has been decreasing slowly over time and today I felt was a good time to really delete everything.


I just want to wish good luck and courage to everyone in their process to be proud of their lives.



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Hey Cam : ) I'm from Montreal. It's great to see the growth you went through yourself. It's inspiring. Have a nice day you too!

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