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I tried to stop playing games but after some days i cam cross various ads of the games i played and again i developed an urge to play those games again now i started playing again does this mean i will not be able to stop addiction over games?

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No.  It just means you need to keep trying.  Have you heard the phrase anything worth doing is worth doing well?  My version of that is Anything worth doing is worth messing up 50 times to get it right Instead, Just think of the big chunks of your real life you're sacrificing for this game.  Real life skills you can learn, people you can meet, grades you can turn from a D+ to a B.  Gaming is trying to rob you of all that.  

Clearly you already realize that gaming is no good for you.  That's a good step.  Try again, but when you think of games try to remember that they are the enemy of the whole and successful person you can become.  Imagine yourself missing out on skills, friends, college, great jobs, promotions.  That's what's actually happening when you devote thousands of hours to games instead of real life.  That's what's happening from the first second you start playing.  Learn to associate the feeling of the controller in your hands with danger.  Like it's an evil parasite that doesn't destroy your body, it eats your life.

Games hate you.  They are like a sexy assassin.  You may want her bad, but she's going to wreck you and never make you happy.

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