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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

My friends are all turning on me...


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What should I do? My friends recently found out that I deleted my steam account. They're all contacting me (And each other, as I have come to find out) about how 'stupid' it was to have done something like that.

Also, I recently got a hair cut, and have been styling my hair very diffenrently from how i used to. They're on about that as well. What should I do? I'm unable to make any move, as that have me seemingly surrounded. They're all gamer friends, but I've done other things with them all of the time. I feel really stuck. 

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Basically you have learned early that gaming is a dead end.  I would confide in 2 or 3 friends what you are trying to do, and if they are not going to support you - well you don't have to ditch them, but you should probably demote them to acquaintances. 

Real friends would want what's good for you.


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