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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Crazy Urges. What to do?


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I'm sitting here, just got back from school and am home alone.


Everybody's chatting about the new map and battle pass in fortnite in school and online. It was my primary game for the last 3 months. I've got physical stress building up from a god damn game. I never thought that this would happen, hell, I wasn't even sure if I had a problem with my gaming a few days ago (before I started).

 don't know what to do.


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Hit the gym, go for a jog, masturbate.

Seriously, anything that can take your mind off while you're having this kind of cravings. It goes without saying, but anything not harmful.

I can tell you that these urges will go away. Hit the nuclear button and erase everything that is linked to videogames.

Stay strong

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1. Uninstall Fortnight.  

2. This everyone of whom you speak, stop listening to them, especially about video games.  

If you want to play a fun psychological game with your friends, try this.  Whenever someone mentions a game, break eye contact with them - just look to the side, or down, or at your phone, and don't smile.  When they return to other topics, look at them in the eye, engage in the conversation and smile.  This is how you can program your friends to avoid the topic with you.  I used this trick in high school to get my friends to stop using profanity.  

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