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Did it!

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Hey all, 

I was here briefly a couple months ago. But I'd say I'm over gaming now! I even downloaded League of Legends again last week and promptly uninstalled after one game. A buddy that I go to school with was complaining about how I don't play anymore and agreed that I'd play one game with him after losing a bet. I had no interest in playing! 

Things that helped me be successful: 

  • Keeping myself so goddamn busy that I was exhausted by the end of the day
  • Having a daily four task "to-do" list that I had to complete before I got any downtime. Examples: read 2 chapters of textbook, clean up dinner, do yoga, finish research paper. I always try to have 1 "hard" , 1 "medium", and 2 "easy" tasks. 
  • Did I mention how tired I made myself? Mentally and physically. 

The pros of sticking with it:

  • My head feels less "cloudy". I can think about my future and stuff I want to get done. 
  • When I do play video games, it's very rarely and for short amount of time. 
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Congrats brother :) 

Keeping yourself busy has been the key for me. I simply don't even have the time to think about gaming anymore lol. There are so many other things that I want to accomplish, it seems absurd to me now to blow my time away on video games...

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