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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

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OK, you quit gaming.  You have 80 hours a week to fill and you already did all the house cleaning, laundry, dishes.

You're not quite ready to join some club or just hang around hoping to meet people, because you're 35, but you stopped progressing socially at age 17.

I found this site where you can learn stuff. It's called SkillShare.  I'm taking all kinds of classes, like graphic design, leadership, and jQuery.  I am not a paid shill, I just really found this helpful.  with all that time, I have completed 3 smallish courses already in 2 days.  There are no degrees or anything, so if you're looking to enhance the resume, it won't help that much, but I really appreciate the ability to update my skills a bit and redeem some of that time I used to spend gaming.


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Thanks for the tip. I browsed a bit through the content... even though theres nothing special that you couldn't find also on youtube, I could think of a really good use for it: Lots of people are struggling with youtube addiction, but aren't willing to block the site entirely, because they still want to look up the (rare) useful stuff.  If they pay the ridiculous 0.99$ for this skillshare site they could finally block youtube and still have tons of videos to fill their free time. Maybe I'll try it for a while myself.

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