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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


Camilo Calderon

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Hello everyone, so I've decided to finally just stop playing video games. I've played video games since I was about 12, and now I'm 19. I was in college but due to me being stupid and getting lazy due to games, I stopped. I currently work on a mini business I have with Dog walking and I do plan on studying again next year, around march, since i'm now currently in the process of another program. I've made the improvement on my own to stop procrastinating, to do what I need to do and to slowly improve but I just don't want games in my life anymore. I'm tired of sitting here and wasting time, which I could be using on all the classes I have (Udemy) or that I could use on things I enjoy much more like drawing, photography, music and even programming. I also do work out which I've started to implement into my daily routine. The only thing I felt was always holding me back from my studies and from me wanting to improve more was video games. I literally just now, got rid of steam, league, blizzard and everything possible. And i'll be 100% honest, I feel super excited. I feel like I just lost weight, like I'll finally be able to be myself again and to just do what I've wanted. I feel like I'm 100 pounds lighter and I can't wait to truly begin and change for the better.  So now that you now all this, I was wondering if this was a list of too many things to do. Thanks!

- Swimming
- Calisthenics
- Photography

- Drawing/Origami
- Piano
- Reading

Social: Not sure yet

Bonus: Taking classes on Udemy on things that interest me.


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Hi man!! Congratulations on your decision, its the best decision!! :)

In regards to your question, the only suggestion from met is to remove something if you feel its too much, and add something practical in the social thing. I started going to toastmasters meetings, to get rid of my fear of talking in public, and to learn to talk properly and its an awesome place to make friends that also want to improve themselves. 

Good luck.

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