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    Hobby Advice/Too Many??

    Hello Everyone, I’m currently about 2 months free of video games and over this time I’ve rediscovered the hobbies I enjoyed and have always liked. I’ve already made the decision to keep these hobbies as lifetime type of things. I of course enjoy other activities too but this is what has always interested me the most so i plan on working on all these throughout my lifetime. I have time for all these but I’m not sure if it seems like too much or I wanted to see what you guys felt and thought about it. Thanks! ACTIVE: - Calisthenics (Bodyweight Fitness): I have this due to it being my favorite way of working out and how I can set goals on thinngs to do, be it handstands or much more - Photography: I’ve always enjoyed photography and during highschool, I got even more into it due to my yearbook class and teacher. Im currently saving for a DSLR RESTING: - Reading: Reading was never one of my favorite things to do but lately it’s become something I’ve started to enjoy a lot. - Drawing: I’ve always done drawing since I was in around elementary but with games I kinda threw it away and stopped for a long time. I now have a tablet and I’ve been drawing almost daily. - Meditation: I’ve gottwn into meditating and it’s something I’ve come to love especially with all the self love and things I’ve learnt from it ACHIEVEMENT: - Origami: I’ve always been into Origami and it’s something I’ve always been pretty good at, especially since I end up memorizing how to do it all and I can do them on my free time even without needing internet, and I can teach and show others how to do it too - Instrument (Piano): I used to play the flute and violin, and over time I just left those especially due to games, but now I want to restart and I’ve been in love with the Piano. I’m currently saving up for a digital piano. SOCIAL: - As of now, I’m unsure but I’ve been going out and just talking to people and meeting people at events (not gaming related) BONUS - I have a bunch of classes on Udemy bought, and I’ve been doing those almost daily. I have many for the things listed above like drawing, photography, etc. I also have for self improvement, skills, and for learning Languages like japanese. I already know 3 and I’ve wanted to learn another for a while. I like these classes since I can add and work on new skills but I can also set goals around these classes. All the classes I have there are things I’ve always wanted to work on and improve about myself and things I plan to keep with me throughout my life.
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    Hello everyone, so I've decided to finally just stop playing video games. I've played video games since I was about 12, and now I'm 19. I was in college but due to me being stupid and getting lazy due to games, I stopped. I currently work on a mini business I have with Dog walking and I do plan on studying again next year, around march, since i'm now currently in the process of another program. I've made the improvement on my own to stop procrastinating, to do what I need to do and to slowly improve but I just don't want games in my life anymore. I'm tired of sitting here and wasting time, which I could be using on all the classes I have (Udemy) or that I could use on things I enjoy much more like drawing, photography, music and even programming. I also do work out which I've started to implement into my daily routine. The only thing I felt was always holding me back from my studies and from me wanting to improve more was video games. I literally just now, got rid of steam, league, blizzard and everything possible. And i'll be 100% honest, I feel super excited. I feel like I just lost weight, like I'll finally be able to be myself again and to just do what I've wanted. I feel like I'm 100 pounds lighter and I can't wait to truly begin and change for the better. So now that you now all this, I was wondering if this was a list of too many things to do. Thanks! Active: - Swimming - Calisthenics - Photography Resting: - Drawing/Origami - Piano - Reading Social: Not sure yet Bonus: Taking classes on Udemy on things that interest me.