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Sheldon's Journal


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Hey Everyone,

So I made the commitment to stop gaming on October 3rd, I am extremely excited about doing so as I have tried many times before but I feel like I finally have the appropriate tools and information to do so. I have been really busy with school and work and the last two days I have managed by having a friend come over and spending time with each other during my normal gaming hours, even though my friend is a gamer he is supportive of me, and sometimes I just watch him while I study. I am not tempted though because I really only play two games, none of which he plays. 

The reason I am writing in the journal today is because I am hoping to learn more about the fatigue symptoms of withdrawal. 
While I created a list of things to do and I had significant studying to do I found myself exhausted. I came home from work about 6pm, grabbed some Popeyes (yumm) and when I got home I felt that bored and stress feeling. So I identified my go to activity watch a documentary and watched some Ted Talks (Cams actually) but I realized I was not really in the mood for being stimulated. So for the first time in months I just dozed off on the coach, it was only 7:30pm at this time. I was supposed to meet up with a girl later that evening, but after waking up at 9ish, she told me she wouldnt be able to come over till 10:30 and at this point I told her to reschedule and relocated to my bed and laid their until about 12:00am browsing social media, chat, dating sites, honestly i dont why I dont just talk to her I always feel like I am search for something new and intersting. Anyway, I had lots of homework to do and all I could do was lie in bed and eventually sleep, I did anyone feel this way when they quit, if so how long did it last, she knows about my detox and suggest I just need stimulation. I agreed, but decided Id rather catch up on some sleep. Is this normal. (sorry my question mark button is not working).  

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Oh boy its the weekend, probably the most challenging day of the week because I have no set out plans. I have found myself to be quite moody and fatigue been trying to keep the energy up with coffee and been thinking about hitting the gym to get the endorphins going. I am trying hard not to rationallize a game or two in between studying, the only thing holding me back is knowing that one will lead to the entire day of playing. ugh. 

Happy thanksgiving everyone! 

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