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Addiction Gimmick


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Hello everyone,

I just came up with idea of how to trick your addictions and have fun with avoiding it. It goes like this: you have to pick a stylish, funny line (just as a pick up line to start conversation with a girl) whenever you want or whenever someone persuade you, to do something, you are addicted to. It must be catchy to instantly make smile on your face and/or the face of person who persuade you. I will give some examples:

Someone invites you to drink alcohol. You want to hang out with the person, but you do not want to drink. So you say with a very serious tone: "Not today! Gotham needs me I need to be sober" or my personal tried out on several different people (always worked well :)  and puts a smile and a little awkward conversation later on): "I can't. I have alergy on hop and beer-o-fobia" [I swear in Polish sounds better!]

You can make personal challenge. No surfing on internet on mobile phone and no videos. Whenever you want to go to your cell phone, tell to yourself  "Don't call me, Zordon". Hardcore participants could say this loud and in public, and throw awkward, serious look to the left and to the right.

And finally whenever you want to play, pick your favorite marvel/dc hero and say something lik this: "Batman is watching you" and instantly look in all directions to spot him. I guarantee you if you do this with final movement you at least smile a little, and it will be easy to let go :)

Tell me your thoughts and pick (up) lines :)


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