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Modding addiction


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Hi. I need some advice on my addiction/hobby. Currently I create mods for Warcraft 3 (which I was/am addicted to, not gaming) and I love creating content for other people to enjoy/experience. However, like as with gaming for many people on here, I have problems moderating my time spent on working on the mods.

But I am have some inner conflicts whether to give it up or not. On one side, it takes up a lot of my time to finish projects etc. On the other hand, it is a hobby that fulfills my creative needs and might even grant me jobs in the industry as a level designer (I keep an eye on level designer jobs and there are some from even Blizzard themselves where they hire modders).

I'm having doubts whether to replace the modding with another creative activity or if I should just keep doing it. It's very effective way for me to relax. I tried drawing but I don't enjoy it at all.

Any advice is appreciated.

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