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Fidget toys


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I was wondering about those fidget toys that have gained some general popularity in the past couple years. Those cubes that have a mini 3DS style thumbstick on one side, and various buttons and switches on the others. I wonder if that would lead people to wanting to just game, or if having those associated actions while doing other things like reading would tap into some neural link and satisfy some urges to play games.

Or may have no relation at all...

I have always been one to fidget. I was that kid in class drumming his fingers on the desk until someone called me out. Or tapping my foot. Or bobbing my head to the music playing in my head as I work. So I have considered getting something like that while I read and work. I actually bought a fidget spinner for my niece for her birthday, but my wife said I shouldn't give it to her since they are apparently an annoyance in classes and whatnot (I just figured it was an extra knick knack to toss in with her other gifts). So I ended up keeping it and have been spinning away at my desk while I work. 

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