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The Beginning Again


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Day #1: So It Starts

Rambling Thoughts: Today is the day for beginning to find alternative communities other than gaming communities. When all your friends are gamers, and all they talk about are games, it's nearly impossible to not fall back into gaming. 

Thankfulness: I'm thankful for my extended family being there for me. 

The Feels: It's really depressing to realize how much of life I have missed out on and hard to not feel like a loser for dedicating a significant portion of my life to video games. 

Progress Bar: I'm starting over with mindfulness meditation today. Trying to be consistent with it. I do a couple days straight, then let it slide. I'm not sure if it's helping or not yet after a month of doing it off and on. Maybe consistency is the key to progress here, as in all things.

I nuked my Steam accounts with random generated passwords and email addresses and removed two-factor authentication from them. 

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Great job obliterating your steam account. I never thought of that actually.

Don't worry about missing out on life. Live in the present. Life is defined by the present moment. A dream means nothing once it is fulfilled so just pick something and do it. Learn to love the struggle of improvement!

I find meditation is great for relaxing myself. I don't know if it has given me superpowers though. You said you wanted to get fit? Are you working out already?

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