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Hi guys !

I quit videos games since ~30 days. Now, I want to get rid of all videos games music. I am not addicted to them, It's just that I don't know what other music to listen.

Unfortunately, the majority of music, I'm listening right now comes from videos games. If you know good music for what I'm asking, don't hesitate to give me them out, I'll make a playlist.

I need musics for these genres of music :

Study music :

  • Very slow music, calm music
  • Slow music
  • Rhythmic but not too distracting music (no electro, please)

Other stuff music

  • Music for strategy board games
  • Relaxing music
  • Music that gradually speed up
  • Metallical style music
  • All of the others kind of music (electro fits well there)



I need alternatives to these videos games music (don't click the links If you have already played the game, It could trigger you)

Thanks for the replies guys, I'll put the music in different youtube playlists. 

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