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Subway Anxiety


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     My first day at Subway tomorrow is at 11am. And I am really really nervous. They told me there is a 3 week training period and that if things don't work out after that time is up, they can just let me go. So i'm just really anxiety-ing out over here. First time i've worked in a sort of fast food business. Has anyone here worked at Subway? Any tips on how to not freak out and be top possible performance at my first day of work? Thanks. I really need some convo about this lol because it's just piling up in there.

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Hey, half of success is just showing up and being there on time or a bit early! I bet you, your anxiety will evaporate as you are actually there and beginning the training and you might be surprised by how easily you'll be able to learn it. Just be attentive, don't by shy about asking questions on things you don't understand, and even bring your sense of humor... ;) Don't expect yourself to know about something you haven't done before and feel anxious over that, that's just unrealistic...


Best of luck, you got this!

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