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Memories of games


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Hi, I have less than a month to finish my detox, and I'm trying to be more social, make new friends in real life. But I have this problem, that when I'm talking with someone, later or sooner, subject goes down to memories and previous experiences. This is like hitting a wall for me, because everyone is reminding what he done with their friends, where he been, what problems he was struggling with and all I can say about my past is which games I played, monsters I've killed, items my character had etc.

Did any of you had similiar problem? How did you overcome this? I would say the answer is to make new memories, but how to make them if everyone recognizes that I have nothing to say and my life is boring.

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Instead of talking about games why not speak about you game detox? I've noticed that I can keep a conversation going by just talking about:

  • Why I'm doing the detox. (hours played etc.)
  • What I've done with the detox.
  • What I will do after the detox.
  • Talking about how the detox has helped me.
  • Also kinda promoting the game detox to my friends who still play ^^

As you can see there are tonnes of points to discuss under one subject. In my honest opinion though talking about gaming memories isn't bad, for me gaming memories are some of the best memories I have :)

As long as those memories don't lead to you breaking your detox, don't be afraid of your memories and using them to spark a conversation mate. 

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