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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Gaming to cope up with depression. What to do?

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Hi, my name is karan. I am 23 years old from India. I came across this community recently so just dropped in to say hi. 

Also I have been addicted to a game called Mobile legends bang bang ( mlbb) due to depression. I can't afford therapy because how costly it is and i don't have job to support myself. And the game has been integrated into my life because how many friends i made and the game is really f2p. How do I quit the game?

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I would like to share the techniques I used during my 15+ years of game addiction.

1. Games with progression systems or item collections - There are often options to deal with your accounts (permanently delete, change your email and password to a random one so you can't log in again, sell your account, get banned, destroy all items).

2. Offline games - Watch the ending on YouTube or cheat the game until it's no longer fun.

In your case, Mibb, I assume that you have all the heroes and many items. There is still an opportunity to destroy this progression, which may help reduce your craving.

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