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Friend wanted me to do coaching with her, and my gaming instead of support for myself


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I wanted to support my friend's life coaching business. Financially right now is not the time - going back to school to change careers and no room for the coaching in our budget at the moment. I did look up some good books, which were more in our (me and husband, both late 30s) current budget.

I started with Respawn in 2015, but didn't follow through due to life circumstances which were extreme. I have already made drastic lifestyle changes to reduce stress.

My supports provide a big role. These include my typed out sheet of daily supports, weekly supports, less often supports. These include electronics, family, friends, groups, services, books, and health peoples of various sorts.

Overall first step was I looked at adjusting my supports. I have a lot of great supports. But how often I use them needs improvement. My electronic devices are sometimes supportive. So, I immediately went through my phone and took inventory while deleting apps that do not support me or my goals. I also updated notifications so I can focus on what does support me.

My phone can now support me. My "Desktop" of my desktop computer area can now support me, and so can my laptop - although I need to take inventory on these two in more detail similar to what I did with my phone. My watch is great for exercise support. My Amazon Fire 8 tablet from 2017 for reading in bed can now support me in place of my phone.

So, similar to many other times in my life, I have decided to step back from supporting another person to first work on myself.

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