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Hello, I'm Jenny, 30 and I've been wanting to quit gaming for a while. I've never been a hardcore gamer but I realised that I needed more hours to feel that dopamine hit. In my 20's, I grew out of gaming. I didn't game at all. I was busy learning a language and I didn't consider myself to be a gamer. I would be a casual gamer, I'm not good at solving things and I would get angry at myself. I would try to quit but fail. I would game for an hour and get bored so quickly. I was into farming games and I would think to myself, I could have spent more time doing more garden work instead of running a fake farm. The garden would have looked nicer if I spent more time on it. I don't have time to game anyway. I want to find another job, I have laundry, chores to do, looking after my pets. I look forward to your replies and thanks for reading my intro. 

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