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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

David Journal


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I started gamequitters today. I feel pretty good about it. I ate a nice dinner. Burger and fries were pretty tasty. I'm at work but there is little to do so kinda bored. I'm working through respawn content in the meantime. I realize how much the social aspects of gaming kept me coming back. I'd love to make a friend or 3 here. Lol. I'll be going on a road trip this week to visit family. I'll cut my lawn tomorrow. Real life is always better than digital life. I choose reality over fantasy today. 

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Spending time with my family is one of the best moments right now. Being in upstate New York with my relatives brings me greater calm. Cutting back on gaming has allowed me to feel more. I have recognized when I am tired and need to sleep. I literally thought to myself, I just need to stop and close my eyes and sleep. I'm thankful today for my loving family and wife. Life without gaming as my crutch is more fulfilling. Time seems to pass slower and I feel I have more of it. Ultimately, I can see more joy in myself. Real life seems more exciting and enticing than ever before. I even turned down playing videogames with my relatives while up here. Though I am not against gaming if it is for fun with friends and family. All this to say I am seeing changes in how I perceive life and I believe I am living more intentionally. Real life is way greater than the fake life videogames offer. Here I am sharing my view of my aunts backyard. I never really realized how lovely it was until now.


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