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Did anyone else totally neglect their body hygiene?


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Hi there! 

I've been addicted for 13 years or a bit more and started therapy for my gaming addiction around 2 years ago. I was clean for a while then relapsed two times. I am also in therapy for GAD and MD. 

What I wanted to ask is whether or not you folks neglected your body hygiene aswell? 

I stopped brushing my teeth and didn't shower as regularly as I used to for years. 


I'm slowly getting back into brushing my teeth atleast once a day (my dentist said that's the minimum), but it seems like I often can't keep up the "streak" and make it a habit. 


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For me it’s actually the other way around as I suffer from compulsive behaviour. If I haven’t cleaned my apartment, showered, washed my hands and put on fresh clothes I can barely even start the console. It’s like that scene from Wolf of Wall Street where he prepares for entire day in order to get the the best possible high from the drug he plans to use.

I had a rough time taking care of my hygiene during my teens though. I could feel myself really stink from time to time but I didn’t bother to shower or switch clothes. And I also ate a lot of candy and drank soda like there was no tomorrow so my teeth are in poor condition today. 

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