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Thomas - Day 003 Journal - Anticipation

Thomas King

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Hello again!

Its day 003, I missed my day 002 journal, naughty me.

I have been enjoying my time at my mothers far north from where I live. There is no distractions here, I have been walking, cooking, working on my board game, reading, writing, and watching the world cup. Its been an excellent time.

However, I am very much anticipating my life at home. I will be deleting and uninstalling everything from my computer and will not be reinstalling until after the 90 days. I am not going as far as to delete my steam or battle.net accounts as video games are something I want in my life and are very important to me and my passions. However, during these 90 days I hope to build routines and resistences to the urges to play video games, and to practice ways to manage my time and discipline my habits.

I have finished module 4 worksheet, and it helped me realize just how many activities and hobbies I actually have, that I love dearly, and when I do them it fulfills me, but which I forgo constantly to play video games.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on day 003

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