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Journal - Day 0


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DAY # - 0

Time I woke up: 7:35am

Time I went to sleep yesterday:  3:30am


Physical task: N/A 

Mental task:  PHIL-201 (logic) reading; THEOL-320 (encountering Christ) reading

Projects: N/A 


Miscellaneous accomplishments: 

~ Attended all my classes (which was certainly a challenge given I was running on less than 5 hours of sleep)

~ Woke up early 

~ Prayed first thing like I had planned to do the day before


Summary of Day #0:

I can’t say I didn’t bring some good into the world today. However, I’m really disappointed in myself. 


I’ve been asking for many extensions the past week or two… Although some of this was due to legitimate life circumstances, I would be dishonest if I said most of these requests have been made because my gaming habits forced me. I feel like gaming is taking over my life. My grades are slowly slipping and I’m falling behind fast. I am totally overwhelmed, and it’s bad because then that produces anxiety/self-hatred which then, in turn, produces more compulsion to game. 


Today I played videogames (Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock) from about 4pm til 11pm straight (except for a bathroom break which lasted for 10 minutes or so). I didn’t even shower yet today and this is really annoying to me because now I’m gonna get more acne. 


Currently I feel so depressed. I really hope my prayers work, because I don’t believe there’s much chance of me getting out of this pit…

What I am grateful for today:

~ Getting up early

~ My friends

~ Fun philosophical discussions in class

~ Getting to speak with one of my friends which had to leave campus for a few days because she was sick is back and we got to have lunch together!

Over and out! 

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