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Dependence on the constant purchase of games


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Hello everyone, I want to share my problem. I constantly buy various computer games, often without even playing them. I just see the game, watch its review and buy it. Just because I liked it. And so on 5-8 games a month. And I usually play in 1-2 of them, and then not always. First I bought them on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/), then on Difmark (https://difmark.com/), then I decided to buy a playstation for myself and already there I started buying games in the internal store (also specifically didn't want to buy a subscription to buy games separately). It takes 300-400 dollars a month. The problem is not money, I earn enough to spend such amounts on entertainment. The problem is that now it's a habit to buy what I won't play. I do not like it. I think to address to the psychotherapist or to the neurologist. If anyone has experienced something similar, please share your experience.

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Well you're being exposed to a lot of marketing mechanics which are not exclusively gaming related. Just think about Black Friday for a second and you'll realize that people will go mad over what looks like a good deal. The reality though is that it's a bad investment on more than one level; you are both losing money and you are causing yourself a lot of emotional stress. In the short term you are getting a quick fix for thinking you've made a good bargain but in the long run you are met with a much harsher and complicated reality. Needless to say this is what has brought you here.

I've been in this situation with the classic Steam sale trap and I had so many games at one point that it would take me about 2 years to complete them all (yes I counted the hours). When I realized this I took a detox period of not playing at all for quite some time and I completely erased the accounts that had caused the behaviour. I then restarted completely with the mindset of not reading too many reviews or looking up new games. I instead focused on one game at a time and really gave it all my attention and not until I saw the end of it would I start looking up a new one. Sometimes it would work and other times it would cause me stress because I have a compulsive behaviour that wants me to own a new game on the date of its release. This was my personal struggle that eventually led me to quit gaming all together. I just couldn't control it and I deamed it unworthy to put any more time or energy into it. Maybe this will not be the solution for you but I think you owe it to yourself to get to the bottom of this behaviour of yours. Hopefully you can find the professional help you are seeking. In the meantime feel free to ask questions!

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Hey James, I have ADHD and can be an impulsive person due to that. Another +1 from me for seeking help from a therapist; mine helped me develop a priority list, strategies to manage my impulses, and strategies to maintain focus on what I'm currently doing. These are strategies and habits that I practice every day too, on top of already being medicated.

I'm not saying that you have ADHD either, but I'm just telling you that in my case, where it's very difficult for me to focus due to the disorder, seeing a therapist really helped me develop strategies so I wouldn't live by my impulses.

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