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Hi everyone 😊

I'm Luke, I'm 29 and from the UK.

I have been gaming ever since the 90s when I was little and never really not been a gamer (except a brief period during my years at Uni where I couldn't afford it!)

I can go long periods without gaming,  but when I get started I become SO obsessed and can't stop. When not playing I will be thinking about when I next can or watching online videos about it. 

When I was little I was lucky in that my parents  limited my game time and so it was never really an issue. As I got into my teens I started realising I was gay and I think that was when the gaming started to really take hold. I found it hard to fit in during that time and I think gaming helped me feel safe.

I've suffered for a LONG time with OCD and a related condition called Skin Picking Disorder. My OCD makes me really prone to addiction. I've had therapy for this and have realised that during those periods where I'm gaming, it gets a lot worse. When I'm not gaming I'm restless and always wanting to use my hands for something. In the past I've also struggled with other addictions.

I've had a very supportive boyfriend for 6 years now, which I feel blessed for and he has tried to help me, but when I start gaming I find it hard to stop. I play late into the night, in any free time, even sometimes during work if working at home. It's mortifying and I feel like I'm lucky it hasn't destroyed my relationship. My mental health always spirals when I'm going through a gaming "phase" and I've really noticed this lately. 

I love reading, cooking and walking and hope to get more into all of these and maybe some new hobbies too.

This has become one of my main reasons to want to quit.

Thanks for reading 😊

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