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Hello Everyone!


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This is my story:

I got addicted to video games during the Covid lockdown days. My family did not want me to step outside the house, due to which I started feeling very lonely. I also did not have a phone and was not allowed to use social media which made it even worse. This was when I started playing Roblox, a game that I already used to play and over time, I got addicted due to the ability to socialize and because of excessive use and play time, I got addicted. I'll tell you this, if covid hadn't come and I hadn't felt lonely, I would have just socialized with my friends like how I used to pre-covid, but due to the fact that I was unable to really talk with anyone for 2 whole years, I got desperate. The good news, however, is that I realized quite quickly that I have a video game addiction and immediately started taking steps to quit video games. So I haven't really experienced much loss. However, even a year of sadness and losses was hard enough for me. So the main thing that made me choose to make a difference in my life was the options that I had:

Either I just keep playing video games and let my life suck OR I could quit video games and make an attempt at having a better life

That was when I made my decision and ever since, I am never going back. I love GameQuitters and the initiative Cam Adair has taken and really appreciate the work you do for gamers around the world. 

So, Thank you everyone and feel free to give me some socializing tips.

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Nice to have you here! I can totally relate to the Covid loneliness. I got severely hooked to PC gaming during that time and wasted an enormous amount of money on buying the latest gaming tech. I even lied about working from home when I was playing games all day, just wasting every minute of my time.

That's history though and now we can both look forward to a better future. Taking the first step to acknowledge your addiction and seek out a community like this takes lots of bravery. Believe in yourself and you'll soon have to remind yourself that you even played games to begin with.

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