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Hey everyone,

I'm starting my journey in quitting gaming after some major changes in my life and realizing that everything is crumbling around me. 


I'm a 30 year old male, and I have been playing video games since I was a little kid. 
My main vice is World of Warcraft and I started playing that in highschool. Over the years, I would say that I was addicted to it, but it was something that I could more easily manage. 
However, within the past couple years, I have dove fully into WoW to the point of me disregarding important things irl. 
I stay up way later to play because I work from home full time. but when I say I "work from home" it means I am really just sneaking naps throughout the work day because I was up all night playing. 
I have neglected my irl friendships and have turned down hangouts because I had scheduled raids that I "needed" to attend. 
Most importantly, and the thing that really kicked me into gear with quitting, was my Wife moving out. I have severely neglected my marriage over the years by playing WoW. I have often chose to play instead of spending time with her. There were trips that we have gone on where I took my entire Desktop computer because I didn't want to miss raid. I ended up raiding/playing in the hotel room on trips. 

Anyways, I'm here now. Hoping I can make significant changes in my life in order to show my Wife that I can be better for us. 


Thanks for the support. 



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As a fellow former WoW player I can totally relate. I hope your journey has started well. 

Really happy for you for taking action and pursuing the trust of yout loved one(s). I can remember sometimes placing my family and important gatherings etc. behind wow raids or gaming nights with friends, in priority. The guilt and regret after that can be enormous...

Stick to this path and you shall find success in life for sure!

"Slay the dragon, claim the treasure" said some wise guy a long time ago ;)

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Glad to have you here. I've also had lots of relationship issues due to gaming and I really understand now how frustrating it can be to live with someone that is just sitting on a chair all day staring into a screen. Not even when I shared some of my games with my gf's did it work because I always put more hours into it and I didn't want to socialize with my real world when I was in the game. I've even had really childish fights within some games where I've logged on to my gf's character and transfered items without her knowing, just to get some sense of "revenge". Those were some of my weakest and most pathetic moments for sure.

Does your wife game at all or is it something you do just by yourself?


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