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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Introduction - I don't want to feel ashamed of myself ever again.

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Hello everybody, my name is Allan and I'm 22 yrs old. My birthday was 6 days ago, 21 July, and my parents made a surprise party for me and my twin sister, we talked a lot, laughed and everything was good until my father ask me how I was doing in college and how as going my job as a translator, right at this moment I felt so ashamed that I almost cried in front of everyone, but instead I went to the bathroom to compose myself and came back lying to his face saying everything was good. But deep down I knew it wasn't, I lost almost an entire semester of my college and had quit my job to play video games.

I've been addicted to video games since I was 12 yrs old, when my father noticed that I started spending more time playing games than with my family or my friends, I even stop training chess and fencing at school, which I loved doing, but since I was a good son and my grades were decent, my father ignored the red flags.

Now I've decided that is enough, I want to stop lying to my family, and became who I want to be.

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