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100 Day Detox


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Gonna go for 100 days because that sounds cooler than 90 to me lol.

I uninstalled everything yesterday so I guess this day 1/100 complete.

I'm 23 years old and at this point video games have become purely an impulse rather than an enjoyable escape. It's funny how the past few years I've really only used video games as a thing to do while listening to podcasts, youtube videos, twitch or music.

It started in middle school with World of Warcraft back in 2010. I still play that game now but it has lost all it's magic and I literally play it just to pass the time and avoid my problems. I no longer have any friends who play it either so I can't even use the excuse that it's a social outlet.


My main goals for this detox:

1) Reach out to people more and socialize. I have moved for work a year ago and have been living alone since then. Needless to say my depression has skyrocketed. I don't hang out with anyone outside of work hours (other than my discord friends which are my friends from college who moved away). There are some cool people at work but I haven't really gotten past aquaintances with a lot of them and it's all because of my social anxiety. I also met a girl about two months ago now and I want to have more time to spend with her and more mental space to actually plan fun things to do.

2) Improve at piano. There are songs that I want to learn to play so badly but it's so much easier to just turn my brain off and play a game than actually practice.

3) Continue my fitness journey. I ran cross country in high school and a bit in college and honestly it's one of the only things that makes me truly happy. I have fallen off hard the past few months and am just now getting back into running (and am now currently much fatter due to alcohol, which I have succesfully cut out for about a week now). I want to sign up for local 5ks every 1 to 2 months to see my progress and just because I absolutely love races, as they motivate me to train harder. 


So those are some of my main goals but in a general sense I just don't want thoughts of games to constantly be hanging over me. I feel like it has been so long since I genuinely enjoyed a game and for years I've just been chasing the dragon (I have recently had some real fun with hearthstone battlegrounds, so as of right now that one makes me the saddest to quit). I also want to read more but that's more of a soft goal since I don't want to force myself to do that as I think reading should be done for enjoyment and shouldn't feel like a chore.

I have an identical twin brother who hasn't touched a vido game since like 2014 and he is literally just a better version of me right now and actually told me the other day that he's so glad he hasn't played in so long LMAO. I mean come on that's all the confirmation I need, my clone is literally better off than me without them.

Ok that's all for now I think, I'll try to update every few days on how I'm feeling, maybe even every day. The more important thing is that I actually make it to 100 days and then reassess from there.

See ya!

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Welcome to Game Quitters! Congrats on taking the first step towards a better life. Best of luck on your detox! You have a lot of cool goals to work toward, I'm excited to see your progress in the coming weeks and months!

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