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Jordan Peterson is a Supernaturalist Hack


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Hey folks, 

Here's Jordan Peterson arguing to Matt Dillahunty that you can't quit smoking without supernatural intervention but refusing to say this faith stems from his Christian beliefs:

Matt: You can stop smoking without any sort of supernatural intervention.

Jordan: No, not really.

Matt: You can't stop smoking without supernatural? 

Jordan: There aren't any reliable chemical means for inducing smoking cessation. 

But apparently "whatever wellbutrin is" and "magic mushrooms" aren't chemical because those can help people to stop, says JP moments later. He doesn't tackle the original question, which wasn't about chemicals, but about stopping addiction without the supernatural. 

JP lacks expertise and hides it behind word salad. One can dig out some useful tidbits from word salad, but there are better options without ties to religious extremism. 

I got rid of my gaming addiction without the supernatural, and so can you! 


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On 7/14/2022 at 2:26 PM, Morrigan said:

I got rid of my gaming addiction without the supernatural, and so can you!

This post would be incisive if the whole forum was saying that "Jordan Peterson is the only way to escape addictions!", but I don't see any evidence for that. Most of his videos/lectures are about preaching hard work, life-long learning, self-improvement and his psychological practice. If you had problems with gaming addiction, you overcame it and your life is better for it, who cares how exactly you quit it?

Quitting games was a half-way religious experience for me, because I easily spent 10+ hours gaming a day. My perspective shifted RADICALLY. I was even thinking of picking up some official faith, but in the end I didn't and thought I can handle my life myself. I'm currently trying to conquer my "porn" habit and I successfully haven't watched any for two weeks. I am not describing this as a religious experience and the process is much more atheistic/grounded/rational, but again, who cares? Why do you care? I'm curious.

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