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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Cutting Games and TV out to turn life around and improve Self-control.

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I wouldn't say that currently I've been addicted to games, but I have been throughout my life. I grew up on games and used them as an escape. I've been a stay at home parent for the last year or so I don't really have any time for games, but when my 1-yo would nap, then my 4-yo and I would play games- either together or separately- and I started noticing how my addiction was turning into his. I have adult ADHD and contrary to the common misconception believing that it's about not being able to sit still or even not paying attention, it's much more. It means I have trouble with impulse control due to challenged executive functions and challenged future thinking skills, among other things. My tangent aside, these conditions set me up for a lot of work if I want to exercise self-control and I have routinely not chosen to exercise self-control regarding certain things. Said things did a lot of damage to my life and now I want to cut games and TV out to deny myself what I want so I can get what I need.

Sorry that this post is rather cryptic and not well explained. It's late as I don't get much time at night for things.

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