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Hello, my name is Ari, and I am a gaming addict.

I've been here before, but I believe it's been at least two years since I last stepped foot here.

I learned to moderate and game responsibly, but I've realized I just like my life better when I'm not gaming regularly. As summer started to come around I realized I craved another detox, and at the end of May 31st I committed myself to no gaming until at least September 1st.

I'm not going to make any huge goals such as never gaming again under any circumstances, not right now anyway. But I do think I'd prefer to no longer game as a solo activity. I want my "me time" to be spent in better ways, such as drawing and coloring.

Playing local multiplayer with my wife or a group of friends is such a different experience from the reclusive nature of my single player gaming. (I haven't played MMOs in years and have no intention on playing them again, they were never really my "drug of choice" anyway.) For at least the duration of this detox though, I will not be playing any video games at all.

In the time between last using this site and now I have also given birth to a daughter, she is now 8 months old. I want more than anything to be a good example for her, and I want her relationship to video games to either be healthy or nonexistent.

I have 19 full days of no gaming currently, working on day 20 today.

I intend to get back to making journal entries on that side of the forum. It is a pleasure to meet you all, or perhaps see you again if we have met before! I wish you all the best of luck.

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wrong # of days no gaming!
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