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It's time for a change

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Hey guys,

My name is Rick and last night at 3AM, after having played all day (probably close to 14 hours WTF!) I decided that enough is enough and it's time for a change, so I bought the respawn program. 

I'm from Canada and I'm a person who is very passionate about healing sicknesses through food and good habits and trying to get people around me to be genuinely happy.

The reason I named myself TheRealRick is because I want it to be a reminder of who I really am. I hate myself when I go on binge gaming periods where I play Starcraft 2 arcade games (zealot defense or eras zombie invasion mostly) and often I will smoke a lot of weed just so I can enhance the experience, kill out my emotions and try to forget my real feelings about gaming. I then go to bed late, hate myself and tell myself that there will be a change tomorrow, and often fall back into the same habits on and off.

The real me is a person who wakes up early in the morning, does a morning routine (MR= meditation, gratitude list and max rep of pushups), does a little workout, takes cold showers, reads at night and meditates before going to bed, listens to podcast on self improvement, is present with the people I meet and the ones I love (friends, family, GF, dog).

I am also a truth seeker. I question everything I learn in school about nutrition (btw most of what we know is bullshit and has no good science to prove it) and I am a very curious person in life, which is what keeps me going and makes me strive for greater purpose and deeper connections.

I hope I will be able to find a new community, one which is not toxic (unlike most gaming communities IMO) and that I will also be able to help others later on once I have regained control and am able to do my good habits regularly. I will therefore start a daily journal on this forum (I'm kinda shy though, hope it goes well!)



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