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Hello, I'm Martin


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Hello, I'm Martin, I'm 33. I'm addicted to video games, according to 3 different quizzes. And I'm married.

I'm jumping from game to game, playing every day. I have a switch, a steam accounts with hundreds of games, and an internet connection for emulators. I'm always going from one to another. I enjoy it, and it feels like I'm controlling it because I'm keeping a normal life going. But it's every day. Fighting games mainly, but shooters, story games, platformers. I was particularly addicted to Marvel Contest of Champions and Star Wars Heroes on my phone.

I don't want to bring up a kid who sees me doing this. I don't want to treat my wife like this anymore.

Seeing these quizzes have been an eye opener. I don't want to be like this anymore so I'm here.

Hope you can help.




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